Online casino legalization is picking up pace all around the world. It now is just a matter of time before online casino and indeed all forms of online gambling are legalized around the world. One of the countries got so envious when Italy cash in on the online casino world.

Why US Is Against Online Casino?

It is no surprise that France and even British Columbia have also followed the same path. Other influential country such as the US have tried in vain to stop their citizens gambling online but in reality all this has achieved is lining the pockets of those who run illegal online casino sites. More so now than ever the online casino industry needs legalization throughout the world.

Since US government can’t find any ways for a new revenues to survive for the recession, the US Congress are considering an activity that was dead 4 years ago to relive by legalizing and giving some tax: non other than online casino.

Although some part of states in US are now allowed to access and play at online casino and other online gambling sites, the entire US are still in a pending hearing on regulating online casino gambling case. It started in October 2006 when the law was pushed through by a congressman named Bob Goodlatte, who is from Virginia. Goodlatte claimed that online casino and other forms of gambling online would corrupt young people in America.

Supervision, Control and Tax

As Representative Barney Frank, the first person who want to rethink, rebuilt, relive the online casino bill and also leads the Financial Services Committee, has been the legislation’s champion.

“Some adults will spend their money foolishly, but it is not the purpose of the federal government to prevent them legally from doing it,” Rep. Barney Frank said.

According to the NYTimes report, the companies are beaming with a glimmer of hope after the chairman of the financial committee on the US House of Representatives Barney Frankrelaunched his bid to get Internet Gambling Enforcement Act reversed which made it impossible for financial institutions to transfer money to firms that operate online casino.

The senators on the financial services committee of the US House of Representatives voted in favor of the campaign to overturn the online casino to be ban. They are seeking ways to legalize and control sections of online casino.

Online casino operators are thrilled by the campaign led by Barney Frank who doesn’t gamble himself. People are realizing and recognizing the opinion of frank about gambling as opposed to the past when he made headlines for the wrong reasons. Americans are realizing the need to control the online casino betting market and not ban.

US still hoping for the result of the online casino bill that’s been half a decade battling for it to be legalize but still in a pending state. One thing that the US government to consider is that US players playing at online casino are making over a $6 billion a year and still growing and more enough for the US revenues.