The recent studies have shown that online poker games have grown significantly since 2003 due to its advantages both the house and the player. Actually electronic operation in poker games is much more cost effective than visiting a casino. According to the research the number of online poker players has increased so much in USA in 2010. Online poker games have also proportionally grown in countries such as Hungary and Estonia.There are so many reasons that may be considered as the most important reasons of growing popularity of online poker games.

Why is Online Poker Better than live Tournaments?

One of the most important aspect of online poker is that here nobody can see your face. Some players take it as a disadvantage, but having time to analyze your hand and without the pressure that anybody is staring at you, will surely help you to not become nervous during the poker game.Some of the online poker rooms provide you a chance to tag notes or icons to the players to spread some information. For example, you may call some of the player’s bluff on different occasions and can note that this particular player tends to represent higher cards than they’re holding.During the online poker games, there is not any table etiquette that you have to maintain. You just have to make sure that you are not spamming the chat box. You can behave according to your wish because you are behind the screen. So, here, you can enjoy the game without constraint.There is another advantage of online poker games that it gives you a chance to join in several online poker games at once. It will let you to maximize your free time with so many simultaneous poker games.