There is a variety of different poker games that are widely played online or in casinos. It is always helpful to have a clear knowledge of all kinds of poker games. You can try your hand in one or two types of poker games or you can try for some other poker games also.

Other Poker Games

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Here is some few other poker games

Badugi Poker

Badugi Poker is a recent addition in poker games. It can be played online as well as casinos. It is often spelled as ‘Badougi’ or ‘Padooki’. It is triple draw game as like 2 through 7 and Ace to 5. It is often considered as the lowball version of poker. It is a four card versions of poker. Just like Hold’em Poker, Badugi has also dealer button. It has also a small and a big blind. During the play, the Badugi players can call, fold or rise.

Lowball Poker:

Lowball poker is a kind of poker in which the low-ranked hands wins the pot. However, in the whole United States, Lowball poker refers a specific type of poker game: Five Card Draw Low. There are some common varieties of this game. Each of the variation has different rules. However, one thing is common i.e. the lowest hand wins the pot.

Razz Poker:

The name ‘Razz’ is a short form of Razzle Dazzle. Razz poker is a variation of seven card stud poker. In Razz, the winning hand is not the highest ranking hand, but the lowest hand is considered as the winning hand. However, it differs from seven card Stud poker in one place, there is no need of 8′s or lower. In Razz Poker, Straights and Flushes are ignored to judge how low a hand is.

Ring Games:

Ring games are also known as ‘cash games’ or ‘live action games’. Here the poker players play with ‘real’ Chips without any predetermined end time. In a ring game, the poker players may freely buy into or cash out between hands. At the same, the players cannot remove just a small portion of his or her chips from the table as it is highly prohibited.

Pineapple Poker:

Pineapple Poker is also known as ‘Crazy Pineapple’. It is almost identical to Hold’em. So if you know the rules of Hold’em you can better understand it. Pineapple Poker starts differently but it ends up as just like Hold’em. In Pineapple Poker each of the players gets 3 hole cards to begin. When the 3 hole cards are dealt then the betting round is started.