Video Poker machines first emerged in Las Vegas casinos in the seventies. Video Poker machines have become one of the most favorite games played worldwide.

Video Poker machines - why are they popular?

The concept of video poker is plain and simple. The players usually play one or more hands of 5 card draw poker on a machine, the player chooses which to hold and which to discard and if the player gets a winning hand, then he is the winner. The payout is dependent on the value of your hand.

Before trying video poker, it is important for beginners to learn the basics of poker hand values first.

Over the years, many variations have been developed. Jacks or Better are the most popular variation of video poker. In Jacks or Better game, the objective is getting pair of Jacks.

The aim is to chase the higher options. Below are the ranks of hand from the best to the worst.

  1. Four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush – no cards
  2. 4 of a royal flush – draw 1 card
  3. Straight, flush, full house – no cards
  4. Three of a kind – draw 2 cards
  5. 4 of a straight flush – draw 1 card
  6. Two pair – draw 1 card
  7. High pair of Ace, King, Queen and Jack – draw 3 cards
  8. 3 of a royal flush – draw 2 cards
  9. 4 suited – draw 1 card
  10. Low pair – draw 3 cards
  11. Open straight draw – draw 1 card
  12. 2 suited high cards of Ace, King, Queen and Jack – draw 3 cards
  13. 3 of a straight flush – draw 2 cards
  14. 2 unsuited high cards Ace, King, Queen and Jack – draw 3 cards
  15. Suited 10and jack, 10 and Queen, or 10 and King – draw 3 cards
  16. One high card of Ace, King, Queen and Jack – draw four cards
  17. Nothing – Draw another 5 cards

If hand is not from 1 to 7, then, it should never been played.