If you have been playing Texas Hold ‘Em, then you must have been so aware that it is a game about people and position. If it is the first time you have heard of it, then you are lucky because you will learn something new with this article so just keep on reading.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: Position Significance

Experienced Texas Hold ‘Em players confirm that position in the game, especially the no limit edition, is basically significant. Thus, playing in the late position is more advantageous than in the early position. That is because a lot of information is acquired before responding. To give a better picture of this case, let us say for example I was playing a no limit cash game at $2 in local spot. I was dealt a terrible unsuited hand 3, 9. K -K -4 flop came down. The first player to make a bet decision made a $15 bet. The following two players folded and it was my turn to respond. With a terrible hand, I could decide to fold as well, but learning from the information acquired, the early player’s play seemed a bit off. I figured this player as tight and weak. He would go for a check if he had the best hand, just a thought. If he got triple after flop, why would he raise so early and trap other players instead of checking. Having this in mind and the possibility of him having no trips, I called. 7 added the series after the turn came down. The early player now made another $20 bet. The move that put me in doubt but I thought to reraise another $30 on top of $20. He folds.

Another scenario where playing late is advantageous is when you got a pair of A, A in hand and A, -9 -9 in the flop. You obviously know that this hand is worth a call or raise. However, if you are the first to place bet, you could refuse to check and go for an immediate raise, but it is recommended not to. That is to not scare other players, make them incompetent with their hands and eventually make them refuse to place initial bet, leading to almost no win when everybody folded in the first round. Whereas, if you are in the late position with this kind of hand, it allows you to analyze betting patterns and call or reraise opponents bets, having in mind that you have the best hand, leading to a double or triple cash win.

With late position, you are exposed to ideas that can help you decide where to stand by observing how players react to bets they follow and bets they made which can help identify how good their hands might be. On the other side of the coin, early players may utilize their position to check-raise the late positioned attackers and pin them later at the end. Thus, late and early position should be played cautiously in Texas Hold ‘Em.