In addition to some great online Slots promotions, Casino Promotions Resort offers user friendly guides to help beginner players understand the game and expert players to sharpen their abilities with some tips and strategies.  Lets take a look at the basic Slots rules that will help you get started.

What Are the Basic Rules of Slots?

What Are the Basic Rules of Slots ?

  • Visually speaking, most of the online Slots games will look quite similar.
  • The name of the machine will normally appear on the top.
  • Below the name you will be able to see the payout table. The payout table will provide you with all the necessary information about reel combinations, amounts and rules.
  • Pulling the lever will begin the game.
  • In online casinos instead of a lever there is normally a spin button which will turn the reels.
  • Most Slot machines will have between three and five reels.
  • If the symbols across all the reels match, check the chart to see how much you have won.
  • Most machines also give you the option of controlling the size of your bet.
  • Some Slot machines are more complex and can have as many as twenty five paylines. When you use a machine that has more than one payline, each payline you use will be considered like spinning a separate Slot machine. For example, if you pay for fifteen paylines it is as if you are spinning fifteen machines at one time.

Remember, behind the basic rules of Slots there is a world of expert strategies that can make all the difference between winning and losing. Now that you have learned about the basic Slots rules, you may want to check into some information about advanced strategies and expert tips.

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