Aside from the fact that it constitutes about 70 percent of the average casino’s income, Slot machine or simply Slot is one of the favorite pastimes among popular gambling methods in casinos in American culture. The wooden Slot machine is its first debut back in the 80’s. And from then on, players of the game have thought of ways and ideas that they assume will beat the machine and for them to hit the Jackpot.

Slot Machine: Finding the Winning Slots

Having said that, this article will give you few of these thoughts and ideas which will lead you to finding the winning slot machine and identifying which would give you a very close chance to hitting the Jackpot.

The first thing to note is that, the slot machine is not what the early version is 50 or 100 years back. When the early version first came out with three reels having 10 to 16 pictures each, the variables were lower which made the odd better at hitting the jackpot. Now, with computer chips in the scene, having odds greater than 16 million to one is nowhere impossible. And that you are going to hit the jackpot after 1 million spins.

Now here’s a fact. A slot machine is easy to maintain. It sucks up less electricity however has a wide compartment for pulling in huge amounts of cash. It is like a well-rounded banker that makes large money easily for the casino that utilize it. And casinos don’t have to do much to keep it working the reason why casino loves it and their slot machine players.

The old aphorism that playing in well lit places, highly trafficked areas and avoiding the lone slot machine in the corner is rubbish. Slot machines are based on odds and winnings. Thus playing more money to it will increase your chance of winning big. And so, the best thing to do is to find a machine that you like and sit down and play.

In slot machine play, the highest end dividend in slots is to the machine with the highest dollar play amount. A quarter or nickel slot machine will pay out something like 88 to 91 percent of the money put in. But a 5 dollar and higher slot machine will make payouts of 95 to sometimes 99 percent of the money played in that machine. So sometimes it is better to take a little risk and play the better machines by playing a bit more money if you have it to play.

Don’t be afraid to put in more money. The highest end dividend in a slot play is to the machine with the highest dollar play amount. For instance, in a quarter or nickel slot machine, the payout is somewhere 88 to 91 percent of the money put in. But with the 5 dollar and greater slot machine, the payout is somewhere 95 to 99 percent of the money played in that machine. Taking the risk is hard to do sometime especially in gambling. But refusing the risk will lead you to no excitement as well as winning the ultimate jackpot.

Slot machine is one of the most popular offline and online casino games that provides a handy way to win big amounts of money. But then again, to be able to hit huge jackpots, you need to take considerable risks. There might be books and guides you’ve heard enticing you to grab a copy for a price, but none of these are going to give you good advantage over slot machines and eventually make you rick. Slot machines are created in favor of casinos while giving back a certain amount to players to motivate them to play more. So choose the machine that you favor and favors you back and play according to what’s dictated from the inside.