Many roulette strategies explain the steps required to follow the process. They do not explain the mindset required to successfully perform the strategy.

Roulette Tips and Tricks

This is like Tiger Woods showing you how to hit a Golf Ball – this may improve your stroke but will not make you play and win like Tiger Woods, these steps lack the mindset and beliefs he has to be a winner!

My INNER GAME OF ROULETTE STRATEGY below will explain the mindset and beliefs and the steps I follow when I step up to the table.

I am going to say from the outset: no new roulette strategies will make you rich! I am not being sensationalist! It is true! Remember Roulette is still a game of chance, No roulette strategy is guaranteed.

Most roulette strategies rely on patterns of results, but predicting the future outcome based on past results does not work with roulette – this is the definition of Gamblers fallacy!

I have listed all the major roulette systems and roulette strategies on this site:

  • Labouchère System (roulette strategy)
  • Martingale System (roulette strategy)
  • D’Alembert System (roulette strategy)
  • The reverse Fibonacci system (roulette strategy)

There are many more roulette strategies, both traditional and paid for and I will list the roulette stratgies I have researched and tested on this site, however all of the roulette systems and roulette strategies I have encountered rely on gambler’s fallacy – that the player is more likely to lose following a win, and more likely win following a loss.

But I will stress it again: roulette is a game of chance, the probability of a win depends on your bet and starts clean each time the wheel spins..

Despite me finding out, via research and experience that most roulette strategies do not work I still love the game, the risk, the glamour, the testing of nerve and patience…

My new roulette strategy: INNER GAME OF ROULETTE is not a roulette strategy in the traditional sense. It is a description of the mindset and basic steps and tips I follow to improve my enjoyment of the game, to reduce my risk and increase my probability of a win via a longer stay at the table.

Please bear in mind, this is my personal roulette strategy, but if you want to see what it is like to play like me, read this roulette strategy, follow these steps and let me know any feedback.

The Inner Game of Roulette – Roulette Strategy

Mindset & Beliefs

I have a love and passion for the game as I have mentioned before. These are my personal beliefs of the game that I think you need to mimic to successfully follow INNER GAME OF ROULETTE – Roulette


  • Roulette is fun
  • Roulette is a game against myself – testing my nerve and patience and whether I can stick to the plan
  • I practice playing my own game – I don’t care what other players think
  • I don’t deviate from my plan
  • Winning is exciting: but I practice staying focused and not making rash decisions (this is great practice in life – driving, sports, sex) when I feel the blood surge when I’m winning.
  • Losing is just feedback – I don’t get emotional, I remind myself that it is just practice and anyway I only take to a table session what I can afford to lose.
  • I pay for entertainment – to watch a movie, or a football game, or a concert. Playing Roulette is also another form of entertainment and I am willing to spend money on Roulette in the same way I do on a night out, or a movie or concert. I am happy to enjoy spending money playing roulette for a few hours just like these activities – I do not need to make money from playing, but if I do – it is a bonus, the possibility of making money AND getting the entertainment makes playing Roulette sometimes more exciting than other entertainment activities.

Ground Rules Before Game

  • Take to the table what you can afford to lose (remember you are still being entertained for the time you play)
  • The aim of the INNER GAME OF ROULETTE is to stay on the table as long as possible
    • That’s because playing is fun and the longer you are on the table, the longer your entertainment lasts
    • Increasing your time on table increases your probability of a win
  • To stay on the table as long as possible – you don’t want to bet your entire budget on one spin! So bet small and be consistent; do not spread all your chips over many bets and keep changing the numbers or lines you are betting on. Stick to the same bets and build on what you normally do when you win.

INNER GAME OF ROULETTE – Roulette Strategy Steps

  • Bet on your favourite number (e.g. mine is Black 4) with small bets over and over again – see if you win!
  • When you win work out how much it cost you to win, how much of your winnings you would need to keep to break-even (or would be happy to go home with). If there is a lot left over from this amount, then bet this on the same bet (your favourite number, e.g. mine is Black 4) doubled AND another single OR add a side/contingency bet (see below) remember you are betting with winnings – it is not your own money – it is chips you won over and above what you took to the table!
  • Bet aggressively after a win if you are above break-even. This is when you can take the most risk – remember this is chips above what you walked to the table with, it is not real money, you have neither won or lost, so here you can take big chances, increasing your probability of a win with low risk.


  • Keep all of your main budget in one place (e.g. in the casino, I use my left jacket left pocket, online you can scribble it down on a piece of paper in front of your screen while you play) that way you can always remind yourself where you are and where you started.
  • Sticking to any strategy is the hard part – it is really easy to get excited and veer off the strategy, or feel the social pressure and feel you must bet like other players on the table, so keep calm!
  • Bet aggressively when you are winning but only with your winnings
  • Remember – It is still a game of chance!
  • You have a 1/37 or 1/16 or ½ chance of winning on any spin, which resets every spin.
  • Remember it is gamblers fallacy to think that if it was red last time it will be more likely to be black next time! It is random EVERY time!

Side/Contingency Bets

There are a number of other bets on the table other than singles. I always think it is best to bet on singles, as for the same stake I have experienced winning as much back from singles and staying on the table for as long as betting on street bets, split bets, lines or Red/Black bets.

However for fun or to increase the odds of the pot if I have won I may have a cheeky side bet/contingency bet per spin using inside multiples, outside bets, or red/black, odds/evens.


I have won thousands of pounds using The Inner Game of Roulette.

But most importantly I have done so without losing what I cannot afford to lose I have had fun and have been entertained. I have also practiced self-control and lessons in life by playing this game, regarding sticking to a plan and not getting taken over by emotions to make me lose sight of my goals or get caught in a “red mist” of winning or losing and making rash decisions.

By using The Inner Game of Roulette – Roulette Strategy and sticking to it by remembering the mindset and the principles in this article you should increase your time at the table and help you make the right decisions and increase your probability of winning in a healthy way…