Although Roulette is defined as a game of pure luck, there are still some Roulette strategies that a player can learn in order to try and maximize returns and make informed long run game decisions.


Roulette Strategy and Roulette Probabilities

Before we begin to examine Roulette strategy, please remember that Roulette is a game in which the probabilities renew themselves with each new spin of the wheel. This means that using Roulette strategies can earn a player a fair amount of money by allowing him to have a hot streak, but no Roulette strategy can make a player win consistently over time.

Now Let’s examine some Roulette strategy fundamentals that will help you to sharpen your game

  • Negative Progression – Each time you lose a bet, double the number on the following bet. That way, when you finally win, earnings will cover all previous losses. Once you win by using this strategy, get back to the original bet and start over.
  • Linear Progression – Set up bets by smaller increments when losing. When you are winning, lessen them by the same number. As the progression here is linear, this strategy cuts down the rate of the player’s bet value.
  • A European Wheel – has only one zero slot and therefore offers you a much better opportunity. Almost all the online casino services offer European wheels without the double zero slot.
  • Bankroll Management Plan – Before you begin to play, it is recommended that you decide in advance how much money you can afford to lose. If you win, decide in advance how much of your winnings will not be used to continue and play Roulette.

As you begin to play, you will discover that there are many more Roulette strategies and tips.

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