If you’re like any savvy online casino player, you’re going to want to beat the system and make as much money as possible. If you like the game of roulette, you’re most likely going to want to know how to beat roulette online. This article will help you get started.

Ready To Beat Roulette Online? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Best Ways to Beat Roulette Online – Don’t Trust “The System”!

So here’s the scoop – Let’s start with the facts. There’s no “sure fire” way to beat roulette online. Roulette is a game of chance. That said, there are easy ways to easily increase your chances of winning. People spend a lot of money on roulette systems that fail. Many times companies sell these “You Can Beat Roulette Online” systems as complex mathematical algorithms that make the average person feel so dumb that they think to themselves “these guys obviously know a lot about math, I should probably trust them”. Huge mistake! These beat roulette online systems are nothing short of scams.

Remember that the roulette wheel is totally random – the odds are always 50/50, no matter what the outcome is – at the end of the day, if you spin 10000000 times, your odds statistically are the same (50%/50%).

Ok – So How Do I Beat Roulette Online?

All is not lost! Just because you can’t really manipulate the odds, it doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up to be at a major advantage. We’ll explain:

  1. Play European Roulette – Playing this roulette version significantly increases your chances of winning big. If you want to beat roulette online don’t play this version as the odds are always in favor of the house as opposed to the game of American Roulette (American Roulette has an additional “0” spot on the roulette wheel).
  2. Don’t Bet On The Following: If you want to beat roulette online it’s important to note that all single number bets and bets on the number 5 should be avoided – these statistically have the lowest odds. Instead, bet on even money bets (we’ll explain more below).
  3. Look For the “En Prison” Option: This is a rule offered in European single-zero roulette games which basically says that if you make an even money bet and the ball lands on the zero slot of the wheel, your bet isn’t actually lost and you can continue till the next spin. Then, if your bet does win you can remove it.

Place These Bets to Beat Roulette Online

Here, we’ll get a bit more into depth in terms of what bets you should make if you’re trying to beat online roulette. The bets you want to go for are those that are considered to be near to their payouts. So again, these bets are even money bets (even, odd, low) numbers 1-18, high money bets (19-36), and you can bet on red or black.

These bets are great because they pay out 1:1 and your odds of winning are around 45% (quite good odds – these bets are considered very low risk).

The Key to Beat Online Roulette – Stay Informed!

The key to making sure that you beat online roulette is simply to understand the odds, don’t fall prey to false systems that will 1. Take your money and 2. Not be there when you actually lose money. Know that roulette is a game of chance and while there are strategies you can use to beat online roulette, at the end of the day you can only work with your odds.

That is, you can only do small things that will increase the odds that you already have access to. The most important thing, as always, is to bet within your means so that you’re enjoying yourself! Roulette is a game of chance and should be approached as such. That will make for the most enjoyable experience. Use these tips to beat online roulette and have fun!