As the each poker room online gets crowded, more and more poker players are searching for ways to appear advantageous over the others. While others keep on practicing to make their strategy solid, a few believe that there is a huge crowd of unorganized players to fish out on. Before you belong to this crowd and lose all your stack to these believers, here are 10 things to make you an organized online poker player.

Online Poker: 10 Things To Make You An Organized Player

Choose An Online Casino

This is the primary rule. Being a member of too many online casino sites can be confusing. So to make things a bit uncluttered and accounts organized, you can play around with it and keep a note of those casinos online with exceptional services. You can then proceed with dropping down those that don’t deserve your attention. Trim your list, that’s it. Related reading: What to watch for in an online poker site?

Define A Betting Limit

You really don’t have to do this if you don’t care burning your money fast into ashes. Seriously, consider the $1/2 to $5/10 blinds. If you think this is very much cheap, here’s the explanation why you have to. High limit tables are definitely not the best place to grow your bankroll, but an extreme place to lose huge amount of money in a super fast speed. If you care about ROI, learn that big things come from small ones.

Pick Your Stake

Perhaps this is a useless sub-point if you have the wit. Basically, you must have up to 100 times the big blind from 50. Anything less will only lead you to making nothing, but wasting your time and spoiling your effort to try. Moreover, anything more will only enhance your credibility on the table and contribute to frighten unskilled players.

Choose A Table

To win more, you have to situate yourself on areas where you can have an obvious advantage. First, spend some time watching the play at all tables. 10-15 minutes would be ideal, enough to observe something. Check your notes for acknowledged players’ presence. And before you begin, pick at least 3 tables. From 3, choose the loosest one. You must participate only in loose games and play tight in order to win at an online poker game. But what to do when there’s nothing but tight tables? Turn your back and save money for the next time.

Position Yourself At The Table

There are different advantages when you position yourself early or late at the table turn sequence. But there’s another you need to watch to secure another good advantage. After deciding which table you want to participate in, watch for the tightest player at that table and grab your spot to the left of that player. Your tight play won’t be so obvious this way which will lead to a proper implementation of your plan or strategy on the table.

Take Notes, Don’t Just Play

The best way to improve your skill is to learn from others playing styles. Learn how other players play their game. Do they raise or fold often? Do they bluff before or after the pre-flop? How about their reactions after an unexpected scenario? Most online casinos serving poker game offer players the ability to take down notes during the game. For instance, with Party Poker, you can simply right click on any player’s avatar and select “player notes” from the option. This feature should not be added without a beneficial use, in my opinion.

Separate The Social Thingy

With the advancement of the internet, and birth of social media, most online casinos offer features such as chat to allow players to socialize to each other. Though it appears to be a good idea, and highly improves players interaction, it can distract focus while playing. Remember, you are playing your money on the table. So, turn the chat off. If you want to socialize, make time for it, but not when you’re playing.

Get Rid of Other Distractions

Since online casinos offer the advantage to play your favorite poker game at the comfort of your home or anywhere where internet access is present, you will be exposed to another set of distractions such as TV’s, music, people around, etc. If possible, only play poker game when you won’t miss any TV shows, you’re in sound trip mode, you’re hungry or only when everybody’s sleeping. If there’s someone to be disturbed, that should be your opponents. Let them be irritated, see their stack gone and be puzzled about what happened.

Play Tight, And Tight Enough

Size your bets into pieces for more chances of taking huge pot. If your current hand is no good, don’t waste time thinking, but fold. Don’t even think that it’s cheap. It’s a tactic! Think of this, you bet big, you can win huge, but can also lose big. You bet small, you can win huge, but can only lose small. The point is, understand the implied odds.

Have A Break

And do this after every hour apart from whether you are winning or losing. The thing is, you need a break to keep your mind sharp with what’s happening in the game and recover important information on opponents which may have been overwritten by a continuous and exhausting play. Players who stood playing for longer hours may have all the details mixed up on their minds, leading to poor decision making, thus less chances of winning.

So there you have the 10 things to observe or do to make yourself an organized online poker player. With the popularity of the online poker game, more and more players are competing on each poker room online. The measure of who will stand successful will not only be determined through the finest strategy employed, but also how organized the player is with playing the game of poker.