As we all know the industry of Online Casino is booming, with just one click you can access all of your favorite casino games any time. Because of its functionality, benefits and comfort, more and more casino players prefer to play their game at online casinos. But did you know that online casinos have three distinct types in which various players prefer to feel the intense of real playing in a real casino field?

Online Casino: Learning The Different Types Of Catering

Web Based Casinos

As the name implies, it is a no download, no run of software in your computers. This kind of sites is where a player can play directly of any online casino games. Games are represented in the browser plug-ins using Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java and require respective browser support. In order to play the game, users must have a considerable bandwidth to load the graphics, sounds and animations since all of these comes from the site itself and loaded thru the use of the internet. It also requires the web browser plug ins.

A small number of casinos allow games played through a plain HTML interface and the graphics on the sites are generally quite inferior. Problems with using web based casinos are the speed of games, since it is hampered with bandwidth restrictions, traffic and more. Disconnection is another kind of disturbance.

Download Based Casinos

These are the most common and popular casinos on the web. To be able to play and gamble in this kind of sites a player should download the casino software. Once the software is installed, it connects to the casino service provider server and handles contact without browser support.

The advantage of adhering to Download Based Casinos is that the speed is much faster since all animations and sounds are already allocated within the software itself and runs in the computer instead of the internet. The downside is the initial download and the need for the installation of the program. There’s also a chance that Malware, Spyware and different viruses might be attached in the software. So, ensuring the reputation of the casino your going to acquire is a must and a solid anti virus program is necessary.

Live Based Casinos

As the name suggests, live based casinos provide a real world casino environment where almost all the things you can do in a real casino can be done in the live based casino. This type of casino is extremely fun, even though it is currently in the minority as far as casinos go. Live casinos have actual dealers working all of the different games and with this type, players can interact with the dealers through the use of online chat and a web cam. This is a top notch online casino offering that is being utilized. The cards and tables and everything else are completely real and that is perhaps where some of the allure for online live casinos rests. The idea of being able to play live casino games from the comfort of your own home is part of what drives the popularity of this particular distinction.

Whatever type of online casinos you preferred, it is surely a blend of fun and excitement that online casino sites will provide. Choose which distinction best suits your preference. Above all, don’t forget that gambling online should be mainly for fun and money that comes with it should only be the bonus part.