Online blackjack has most of the same rules as casino blackjack, but the experience and methods of play are different. You are playing from your home on your own computer and you are not playing with other people or facing a personal dealer. For those used to playing black jack in Vegas or Atlantic City it can be a big transition to begin playing online.

Online Blackjack (how to play and win) - Part 1

The online blackjack games try to recreate the look and feel of real life blackjack. The games are colorful and graphics filled. They will have a cartoon dealer or at least the hands of one and you will see animation of cards being dealt. The black jack table will look like a real life black jack table and there will be graphics of chips that you put down to bet.

Is gambling online better than going to Vegas? Some people prefer gambling online. Many don’t like the atmosphere of the real casinos and prefer the comforts of home. Of course, you don’t have all the travel expenses of getting to the real life casinos either. Others prefer the atmosphere of the real life casinos. You do not get free drinks from gambling online either.

One of the big benefits of gambling online from home is that you have more freedom and time. You are free to have your hit and stand table right out in the open without looking like an amateur or with the casino employees giving you grief. Many online blackjack games do not have a time limit to make your decision about how much to bet or whether to hit or stand so you can take your time and make the right decision.

Online, your options are spelled out to you very clearly. On screen buttons will show you hit and stand options, and if doubling, splitting, insurance, and surrender options are available, buttons with those options will automatically appear. So, you won’t have a dealer who couldn’t hear you over the noise or misunderstand your intentions. Of course, be careful not to click on the wrong button! Once you click, your choice is made and there is no Undo button.

Even online, the same strategies of playing the blackjack hands apply. Also, the same principles of money management apply. Playing online, the temptation to play one more hand is even stronger as it is so easy to click the Deal button one more time. Know when to cash in. Be even more rigorous with sticking to your bankroll and using money management strategies mentioned in the Money Management article on this Web site.

Another important thing to keep in mind: Online gambling is legal for those over 18 years of age to gamble online, but it is not legal for people under 18.