Since it was introduced during the eighties, Jackpot Slots has gained a tremendous popularity. Jackpot Slots is now one of the most successful and sought after online casino games. Let’s take a brief look at the history of this exciting game.

History of Jackpot Slots

The History of Jackpot Slots

Because if its accumulative prize system, Jackpot slots is one of the most seductive casino games.

The idea of progressive Jackpot Slots came into being during the 80’s when slot manufacturers introduced it with the help of more advanced microprocessors.

The basic idea is that a certain percentage of each and every bet would be added to the top jackpot prize.

Following this first version’s success, in 1986 IGT introduced linked progressive slots. This meant that prizes accumulated from various players to form a linked jackpot.

Today, Jackpot Slots is extremely popular in both regular and online casinos.

Where Should I Play Online Jackpot Slots?

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