So you want to dominate Roulette game? Understanding and playing the roulette game is very much easy. It only requires not even half the size of your brain to function to learn way around. However, one may need to watch out his bet pattern and not lose to the house, else this wouldn’t be fun and exciting. Here are tips on how to dominate roulette game.

How to win at roulette

First, let me state a fact that could never be neglected and should always be remembered, the house always has the edge. Thus, it leaves roulette to be a purely game of chance. But the thing is, there are ways to turn the favor to your side. Read on.

Roulette Versions

We all know that the roulette game has two very common versions. One being the European, the other being the American. Now, here is your first tip. If you have the option, always go for and play the European roulette. Why? European version of the game has fewer digits to bet on, thus lesser edge for the house, and that deduction will amount to your advantage. Okay, I know you’d say it is not much of a difference, but it helps. Don’t you think?

50/50 Tactic

Regardless of the version, roulette games have this in common, two colors and two number groupings. Here’s your second tip, bet on odd, even, red and black. You and the House will have a fair percentage of chances to win the spin. Thus, you will survive or most importantly gain advantage over the house this way. Betting on separate numbers on the table means you’re giving away half of your edge. You don’t wanna be generous, do you?

Not convinced with the 50/50 Tactic? Okay, here’s another fact about the roulette game. Previous results don’t mean anything on future outcomes. Thus, every round is a fresh round to play between you and the house. Definitely no analytics! Keep the line equal between you and the house if there is no way to secure the full advantage to prolong your stakes and win some more money, except you are comfortable betting on individual numbers and lose more than win.

Bet Cap

Perhaps, this is where most roulette players falter and lose even more. Playing with indefinite budget set is a self-trap in the first place. Third tip, it would be wise to set your budget, the money you can afford to lose in exchange of fun, before you ever think of playing roulette game. (It applies to any land-based or online casino games). Don’t try to chase your loss, instead stop wagering when you reach your bet cap.

Winning Limit

Of course, if there is the thing we called bet capping, there is also this winning limit thing. It doesn’t mean you win 5 straight rounds you’re gonna go home with the accumulated winning prize. Fourth tip, don’t get too excited from winning roulette game and force yourself to bet more and not leave promptly after receiving the prize. Leave the table when you acquired your winning limit and don’t try to adjust it.

So there you have the ways to dominate roulette game. They’re actually very basic, but would surely have you more satisfied after playing. Come back some time to see more of our roulette articles.