Video Poker is not only about luck. To maximize returns one must understand the unique aspects of the game and learn some basic Video Poker strategy in order to make informed decisions.

Video Poker Strategy

Combining Luck and Strategy

As Video Poker combines elements from both regular Poker and Slots, both luck and strategy are needed in order to win. Many players feel that Video Poker is one of the games with the highest chances of winning.

Let’s try and examine the roles that luck and strategy play in Video Poker.

  • The card outcomes are provided by a random number generator.
  • When a player signals the machine to deal, the combinations provided by the random number generator exactly match the probable combinations that would be provided by dealing a regular card deck.
  • All the odds are fixed in advance.
  • Strategy is so important in Video Poker because the player is allowed to discard.
  • The player must try to discard in a way that offers the highest long run winning chances.

Here are some more basic Video Poker strategies that may improve your chances of winning:

  • When you have a royal flush, a straight flush, four of a kind, a full house, three of a kind and a two pair, always try to hold them.
  • When you have four cards to a royal flush, break up a flush or a straight.
  • If you have four cards to a royal flush or a lower straight flush, break up a pair of jacks or better.

As you begin to play, you will discover that there are many more Video Poker strategies and tips. Casino Promotions resort , in addition to some great Video Poker promotions, provides additional detailed expert Video Poker strategy articles and tips, so don’t forget to check them out before you begin to play.