So you wanted to be a learned poker game player? Not a problem! There are many ways to learn playing poker effectively. But, in case you are in a tight budget to get yourself a personal poker trainer, below suggestions would be enough to make you a poker pro.

Free Ways to Learn Poker Game Effectively

Forum Boards

Okay, I know you are thinking there are so many gambling forums to pick one that is really helping you improve your game. Perhaps you can start with 2+2, Irish poker, GPWA and blonde poker. People in these forums are willing enough to help you analyze your poker hand histories. With different experiences across the board, you are assured of getting a useful feedback coming from the members of the forum.

Poker Training Offers

There are many poker training offers available over the internet. All you have to do is search for the key phrase, Google will surely give you sites that are providing them. Sites like, and will surely help you establish your poker skills. Moreover, poker training sites tied up with some Rakeback providers to grant free poker training membership in exchange of opening a rakeback account and achieving set conditions.

Poker Hand Management Programs

There are poker hand management programs that allow you to manage your hand history and review them as you wish. Some of them are Poker tracker and Holdem Manager. But if you can’t afford these programs which will allow you to replay hand histories and generate classified stats, most poker sites produce hand histories that you can store on some storage for future use. Analyzing your poker hand histories allow you to spot any common pattern where you tend to lose or win. Keeping notes of them exposed you to game leaks which then you can improve to give your opponents a challenging poker game.

Articles and Ebooks

I love this a lot. Reading case studies on poker hand histories bundled in an ebook enables you to learn from someone else’ game. Thus, can help you improve your game as well. There are countless articles and ebooks on poker available on the internet. You can make use of them along with strategy demonstration and expert lessons you can get from a 7 day Dueces Cracked free account to level up your game.

Video Sharing Communities

Who says video communities are only for internet marketing professionals? Sites like Youtube has numerous videos uploaded elaborating a poker strategy by generous members. Though, you may want to draw a line first before watching and listening to any of these videos just to keep a healthy division between what is there to believe and what’s not to believe. Remember, you are window shopping for a strategy that works.


If you know someone in your neighborhood or in town who’s completely exceptional at playing the game of poker, you may consider befriending him/her. Chattering and playing with guys with skills higher than yours will help you bring your skills to the next level. Aside from they could inspire you to play better, the motivation you can get from them is very influential. Learning how they play their game is the bonus part.

So there you have it. You can learn poker game and improve your skills along the way by taking any of the suggestions above. But combining them all would be a wise thing to do of course.