It is no secret among professional players that Roulette is a game of chance. One cannot control the way the ball spins and this takes away the edge from many so called Roulette strategy systems.

Developing Your Roulette Strategy

But even though no professional will truly doubt the fact that fail safe Roulette Strategies cannot be developed, one can still use Roulette strategies that involve familiarity with the game of Roulette, understanding the odds of winning and losing and employing correct bankroll management.

  • One of the most common Roulette strategies is to place bets that cover a large portion of the wheel. A player can safely assume to win on most, or many of the spins. This roulette strategy will help a player to gain wins and build his bankroll steadily. Betting this way one must consider that there will be a lot of small wins, but an occasional big loss.
  • Players can also employ the exact opposite Roulette strategy and concentrate all bets on one particular number in the hope of achieving a big win that will cover all losses. Players can also use combinations that include a particular number.
  • Now comes the more advanced Roulette strategies which basically apply combinations of both systems, concentrating bets on a single or a few numbers, or spreading the bets on a large portion of the wheel.
  • One of the most obvious of Roulette strategies, which is often ignored by players, is to prefer the European Roulette. The basic difference between the European and the American systems is that a double zero slot is added in the American wheel. While this may not seem like a significant difference, it means that the house edge increases from just a little over two and a half percent in the European system to more than five percent in the American one!