Online Craps is not only about luck. Understanding the probability of rolling a particular number is a key element in understanding Craps strategy and making informed game decisions.

Craps Strategy

Let’s examine some Craps strategy fundamentals that will help you to sharpen your game.

Understanding Craps Odds

In order to fully understand the pass line and the odds bets, described below, one must learn about the probability of rolling a particular number.

Here are some of the basic rules about the probability of rolling a particular number in Craps:

  • In Craps, there are more ways to roll a seven than any other number.
  • There are four ways to throw Craps (2, 3, 12).
  • There are eight ways to throw a winner (7, 11)
  • Once the point number is thrown, the casino has the edge.

Betting Strategies

It is very important to understand that Craps strategies are always effective in the short term only. In the long term, the casino always has the edge. Using the strategies detailed below will improve your chances of winning in the short term.

  • Pass Line – This basic Craps strategy is based on the calculation of odds and it is made on the come out roll. Once you have placed your bet, you win the game if the next shooter rolls either a seven or an eleven. If the next shooter rolls a two, a three or a twelve, then you lose the game.
  • Odds Bet – When you place an odds bet, you can make additional bets besides the pass line. Because casinos pay correct odds, there is no casino advantage on this bet. Regular casinos will provide their players with double odds.  Some online casino services will provide odds as high as 6x. This is a recommended Craps bet and an important element in Craps strategies.

As you begin to play, you will discover that there are many more Craps strategies and tips.
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