Online Blackjack is not only about luck. In order to maximize returns one must understand some basic Blackjack strategies, make informed game decisions and fully understanding all game options.

Blackjack Strategy

Let’s examine some black jack strategy fundamentals that will help you to sharpen your game.


  • Splitting  can be done when the first two cards you receive have the same rank. You can then make an additional bet, basically treating each card as a new hand. When your starting hand consists of pairs and you place a bet next to the initial one, you indicate the dealer that you are splitting.
  • It’s not always recommended to split your cards. It’s a good idea to split if you have a pair of sixes, sevens, or eights (middle cards). If you have nines or tens (high cards) it’s probably not a good idea to split. If you receive a pair of aces splitting is definitely the smart thing to do.


  • Doubling, or doubling down, is when you  take one additional card for an additional bet. You can signal to the dealer that you are interested in doubling by placing an additional bet behind your cards. The dealer will then deal the next card and place it across the top card.
  • It is recommended to double down when your starting hand totals eleven, or ten while the dealer has a weak card, such as a four or a five.


  • Surrendering allows you to lose half of your original bet before you see the down card of the dealer. You may want to consider surrendering when you have a weak hand and the dealer has a strong up card.

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