There are only so many things in life that you can control. Actually, the only thing you can be absolutely be sure of controlling is your own attitude. A positive mental attitude is essential to becoming a successful blackjack player, even if you don’t plan to make gambling a profession. You can create a winning attitude that will create more winnings at the black jack table.

Blackjack and a Winning Attitude

There’s an old adage in baseball that the most successful hitters still fail about 70% of the time. The difference between an average hitter and a great hitter is not that the great hitter never fails, they just fail a slight percentage less than the average hitter. The same is basically true in blackjack. No matter what you do, you will still fail some times. The difference between a successful, money winning blackjack player and the average gambler is that the successful player still has losing hands and losing sessions but sticks with it and loses less often. So, a key to black jack success is to roll with the losing sessions and keep your positivity and focus for each new session. That is just part of developing a winning attitude.

A key part of maintaining a winning attitude when playing black jack is to have confidence in the long term. Know that sometimes you will lose and accept that. More importantly, believe that in the long run you can win. Confidence is very important as is keeping an even keel during the highs and lows of the game. Think of yourself as an investor in the game. Good investors stay the course and believe they will win in the long term. Remember that the more hands you play, the more money you will win in the long term. You shouldn’t be concerned when you have a losing session, nor should you feel invincible when you win. That is a winning attitude.

Another aspect to thinking long term is knowing when to play and more importantly, when not to play. Play when your energy level is high, and when you are alert and thinking clearly. Don’t play when you are tired or ill, you are more likely to make a preventable mistake.

Then of course, there is dedication and preparation. Gambling is a skill, and winning gamblers are ones to put in the time and effort to master key elements of gambling like card counting and betting strategy. Proper visualization techniques can help you concentrate and become a more accurate card counter, which will help you win more often and win more money. When you are knowledgeable and prepared, you will have a more positive attitude and that will lead to more winnings.