Quick Tender is a new casino deposit method that is gaining popularity fairly quickly. In fact the reputation of Quick Tender is well beyond the online casino industry. It is a reliable money transfer vehicle all over the internet. As you probably know Eco Card has left US Market last August 24, 2007 and Quick Tender comes as a Eco Card replacement with all the features that customers are used to with a superior service level.

A Quick Tender at Online Casinos

Quick Tender is a virtual wallet account that can be used to deposit and withdraw funds into online casinos as well as other online merchants. This payment option is design to serve Americans as well as other countries. It has all the similarities as Eco Card, though there is one huge difference, you cannot simply register on the Quick Tender website for a reason that Quick Tender is trying to stay in the US Market as a private club and as their history shows it is really working.

In order for you to register you must go to one of the online casinos that accept Quick Tender because you need to receive an invitation from the casino representative. And, to get invited, one must be a regular and serious money player in the online casinos. Then, download the Quick Tender offered by the casino, get the real account number, apply all the necessary information to the support and request Quick Tender invitation, providing the real money account number you got. The rest is copy and paste procedure that might take a few minutes, at the end you’ll be able to have a reliable depositing and at some cases a withdrawal payment method.

It’s totally free to register and create an account, and both US and International customers can fund their accounts at the Quick Tender website in their preferred currency through a variety of payment methods including Credit Card, Western Union, Money Gram or International Bank Transfer.

Remember that there is a 5% fee for those who use credit cards and there are no payment rejections. Withdrawing funds using Quick Tender from a casino is fast but a flat rate fee of $20 to $30 is collected, they can process the withdrawal by bank deposit or check by mail.

As of now many online casinos offer the UseMyWallet/ Quick Tender account as an alternative way of paying, visit the cashier of your favorite Online Casino and look for the UseMyWallet logo. Internet based merchants worldwide also accepts funds held in your Quick Tender/UseMyWallet so whenever you wanted to purchased an item in the internet you can just use your funds in your Quick Tender/UseMyWallet account. For other recommended payment methods, visit this list of most recommended payment methods for online casino players.

Quick Tender uses the highest possible levels of Internet security to ensure the protection of your information and transactions online. All connections and data transmissions on protected pages are encrypted by SSL and Quick Tender uses sophisticated state-of-the-art anti fraud detection and ID verification systems backed up by a highly skilled team of risk experts.

Quick Tender gives prime importance to the satisfaction of the customers and gives excellent customer service whenever you have any problems you can always contact their dedicated, Customer Support Team by email and they will happily reply by email or phone call to take care of your needs.