Poker has been the buzz word for almost every online gambler nowadays. It’s achieving a world wide bonanza from the best rated online casinos to the immense World Series of Poker. However, beyond the popularity of the Poker game, the Blackjack game is still the most fun and exciting game to play.

5 Reasons Why Blackjack Is Better Than Poker

Okay, before you raise an eyebrow with the preceding statement, here are some obvious proof why the popularity of the Poker game is no better than the blackjack game’s favorable position.

Game Speed

Gamblers may be more addicted to games with blazing fast game play. Comparing the rounds of these games, Blackjack is quick. In fact, you don’t have to sit and wait for people to respond to your costly strategy on the table. With Blackjack, it is either you hit, stay, double, split and that’s it. Absolutely no bluffing and loose opponents to ruin your tight budget play. Related reading: Online Poker Collusion: Affecting The Way You Play The Game


With Blackjack game, 21 is what you only need to remember. Lesser than but closer to that, if not equal, will improve your chances of winning, while beyond that will be the dealers joyous round. You see, Blackjack is very much a simply game to learn and play. You don’t have to memorize hand rankings and have a hard time analyzing every opponent’s move on the table. Related reading: Poker: Learning The Hand Rankings and Order

Play Against The Dealer

With Blackjack, you play against the dealer. With Poker, you play against every opponent on the table. If you don’t get what this means, let me try another statement. With Blackjack, you play against one opponent, thus a higher chance of winning. Should I tell what chances of winning you will get with poker? Related reading: Blackjack: Splitting and Playing The Dealer

Winning Possibility

Okay, here’s another reason why Blackjack is more than a choice. The possibility of busting the dealer is higher than outwitting every opponent in the Poker game. Of course Poker is interesting, but how frequently are you dealt with hand ranks like Royal Flush or just the Flush? I really don’t know about you, but Blackjack or 21 can be dealt over and over to you than a hard to compose Royal Flush. And here’s another disappointing fact, you can be joyful with KK in the game of Poker only to find at the end of the round that your opponent wins with his AA.

Easy Skill Assessment

Winning is actually up to you, and this is true with both Poker and Blackjack. However, with Blackjack, there is not much to assess compared to Poker which, for some reason, will require you to take down notes of your opponents to improve your game, thus improve your chances of winning. With Blackjack, you’ll just have to play with numbers and probability. Related reading: Poker: Common Mistakes – How To Play It Right?

Selecting which to play between these games really depends on what you require as the gambler. If Poker can provide you the excitement you need than Blackjack then go find a room, sit, and play poker skillfully. On the other hand, if you require a fast yet simple game that offers as much winning prizes as other casino games, Blackjack is definitely what you’re looking for.