Gambling can turn out to be addictive especially if you don’t know how to control yourself. But you don’t really get to the stage of addiction that fast. It may take quite some time before you’ll find yourself already addicted to the kind of game. Let’s understand how the following factors can lead you to become an irrational gambler, or in simple terms, a gambling addict.

3 Factors To Make You An Irrational Gambler

Winning is fulfilling, but can be harmful

Perhaps, this is the first and foremost reason why you find yourself always go betting. It feels good when you’ve just discovered how fun wagering is. It feels better when you’ve found out that waiting for the outcome is very much exciting. And, it feels best when after the outcome you’ve won a prize that elevates your desire to bet more. That is, you found a new dwelling place, a way to experience fun and excitement, a way to earning some quick cash. Now, you are doing this over and over, but until when?

Depending on the skill you’ve acquired, or on the difficulty level of game, this feeling of winning over and over may extend longer, most especially if lady luck is on your side. Now listen, winning makes you feel confident about gambling, and it might suggest you are beating the system, thus making you place bigger and larger bets. You are an addict! What happens when you lose then?

Losing can be devastating, and it means you should stop betting

Correct me if I am wrong, but gambling is purely a game of chance where either you win or lose. With gambling, you don’t always win, but loses most of the time. When this reality hits you, you’ll start losing bets and the excitement brought to you by winning will eventually become less and less as you keep losing. When this misfortune hits your deepest ego, you’ll most likely start finding yourself gambling by yourself, and may keep this activity secret from your love ones. And as you get closer to the third factor in this article, you’ll begin borrowing more and more money and, even worse, steal money just to feed your addiction. And so, you are desperate.

Being desperate is the situation you don’t want to be in

This, perhaps, is the most serious factor of irrational gambling. A complicated case of losing often where the gambler may add more time and money to wager until such time he/she will get into some serious trouble. The gambler’s losing heart will try to recover the loses by placing forward impulsive bets which further lead to an extended loss. This may mean serious debt complications, scarcity which may lead to family separation, losing job, and finding one’s self in a dangerous trap less even the slightest possibility to escape. In most cases, this is where an irrational gambler faces the consequences by committing illegal acts or worse committing suicide.

Furthermore, going through these factors may depend on the gambler’s personality and the type of wagering game he/she is participating in. Based on statistics, gamblers who play slots and poker on either brick-and-mortar or online casinos are more prone to experiencing these 3 factors than other types of gambling games.